Expenditure Reports

In accordance with Association Policy 203.7, the following campaign statements have been received from candidates for the uncontested 2020 Area Elections. The postmark deadline for receipt of the statements was February 19, 2020.


Area D Director Rameldia Mark ($0)

Area F Director Dale Sorenson ($0 )

Area H Director William Hagar ($0)

Area K Director Bea Mora ($0)

Alternate Area A Director Ronald “Ron” Walker ($0)

Alternate Area E Director Adam Uplinger ($0)

Alternate Area G Director Jody Grenier ($0 )

Alternate Area I Director Jerry White (Report not postmarked by Deadline)

Per Policy 203.7.05, candidates who do not submit an itemized accounting of all campaign expenditures to the Board of Directors (including receipts and/or invoices) by the required deadline shall be ineligible to be a candidate for Association office, Area Director and/or Alternate Area Director for a two-year period following the deadline of his/her campaign expenditures report.

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