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CSEA recognizes more than 60 members

CSEA recognizes more than 60 members

Each year after conference, Regional Representatives, Committee Members, the Retiree Unit Executive Board and the Board of Directors come together for Super Session to discuss and implement the organizational plans that were decided at the conference for the following year. This year’s Super Session in October focused on renewal. Members renewed their commitment that we are stronger together,drawing on the roots of our union and the fundamentals that have always guided us. Even though the event was hosted virtually, this did not deter members from participating and leaving Super Session energized, ready to share their enthusiasm with all our members. As they do every year at Super Session, our member leaders recognized over 60 dedicated members for their years of service to our union and members. It was a moment of deep appreciation and inspiration as many members received service awards that spanned many decades. Their commitment to their work and their love for CSEA filled the virtual room. They were:

Lynn Laughon Regional Representative 3 Lora Lee Regional Representative 10 Theresa Gripp Regional Representative 11 Sandra Vaughan Regional Representative 12 Ahmad Swinton Regional Representative 15 Kellyanna Miller Regional Representative 18 Laurie Sweezey Regional Representative 51 April Llamas Regional Representative 63 Kevin Stein Regional Representative 76 Emily Keeran Regional Representative 79 Monique Yang Regional Representative 83

Jeri Holmes Regional Representative 85 Rosemarie Lopes-Horn Regional Representative 86 Paula Pelton Regional Representative 91 Kevin Palkki Area F Representative Community College Committee Denise Apuzzo Area C Representative Community College Committee Debbie Narvaes Area C Representative Legislative Committee Adrian Dobson Area B Representative Legislative Committee Rosa Rijo Area A Representative MB Committee Daisy Bennett Area H Representative PACE Committee Sydney Moy Area B Representative PACE Committee Nina Moore Area F Representative Pre-Retirement Resource Committee

Adam McQueen Area F Representative Research/Negotiations Committee Arturo De La Cruz Area I Representative Resolutions Committee Karen Bruder Area D Representative Resolutions Committee

Cheryl Decker Member Merit System Committee David Nemat-Nasser Member Merit System Committee Michelle Imrisek Member Merit System Committee Diana Hawkins Member Scholarship Committee Laura Moore Chairperson Communications Committee Freddie Arroyo Jr. Alternate Area F Director Eliana Dopudja Alternate Area H Director Wayne Harris Area A Director

Erik Pitschner Regional Representative 7 Estella Kessler Regional Representative 21 Sharon Calhoun Regional Representative 23 Mary Lavezzoli Regional Representative 24 Becki Hadley Regional Representative 28

Nancy Golightly Regional Representative 36 Denise Arroyo Regional Representative 50 Tiffany Nelson-Pelkey Regional Representative 72 Carmen Sexton Boykin Regional Representative 77

Linda Smyth Regional Representative 100 David Gaboni Chairperson COE Committee Janet Gordon Alternate Area D Director Machelle Kessinger Area C Director

Richard Gaines Regional Representative 1 Karen Knecht Regional Representative 22 Anna Macaluso Regional Representative 81 Linda Elliott Area H Representative Communications Committee

Danny Hawkins Member Budget Committee William Rawlings Chairperson Community College Committee Susan Adams District F Director Retiree Unit Executive Board

Opal Okikiade Regional Representative 40

Donnell Fassler Alternate Area C Director

Nancy McCall Regional Representative 33

Hortensia Benner Chairperson Awards Committee

Don Snyder Area I Director

Don Snyder Area I Director

Suzette Fontenot Member Scholarship Committee

Carla Held District A Director Retiree Unit Executive Board

Faye Lane District E Director Retiree Unit Executive Board

Sandy Dabney District K Director Retiree Unit Executive Board

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