CSEA began in 1927 when a group of Oakland custodians set out to secure retirement benefits. More than 90 years later, CSEA continues to pursue the interests of classified school employees at the Capitol and at your local bargaining table. Our success securing retirement benefits, fair wages and benefits, safety measures and employee rights is a testament to the hard work of all CSEA members.

Our Story...

We have a proud legacy of sponsoring laws that protect the rights of classified employees and the students they serve, including:

  • Retirement Security—CSEA has worked hard over the years to safeguard our pension and retirement security.
  • Work-Hour Protections —CSEA’s efforts won a 40-hour work week, overtime pay and specific work hours.
  • Paid Time Off—Many classified employees used to have to work holidays and earned no vacation or sick leave.
  • Professional Development—CSEA-sponsored legislation has expanded career opportunities for classified employees.
  • School Funding for Classified—CSEA-sponsored legislation defined funding for classified positions and increased job security.
  • School Safety—CSEA has been a leader in advocating for safety measures to protect students and staff.

What Members Get

  • CONTRACTUAL representation.
  • REPRESENTATION on disciplinary, unemployment and other work-related issues.
  • VOTING RIGHTS in electing local chapter leaders and on all tentative contract agreements with management.
  • EDUCATION BENEFITS including FREE and low-cost college programs for CSEA families.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE PLANS including $5,000 FREE accidental death coverage, and more.
  • AMUSEMENTS AND ATTRACTIONS discounts to theme parks, movie tickets and more.
  • FREE LEGAL REFERRAL for personal matters.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, conferences and workshops to maximize your potential.
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES from credit cards and mortgages to banking needs and more.
  • HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE provides financial relief to members in need.
  • RETIREMENT PLANNING to help you make the most of your CalPERS pension.
  • MEMBER DISCOUNTS on home and auto services, hotels, rental cars and restaurants.
  • PUBLICATIONS and other member-only information on classified employees and CSEA.
  • A VOICE about the issues that impact you, including voting on annual dues.*

What non-members get

  • CONTRACTUAL representation only

*Annual dues, set by chapter delegates at Annual Conference, are 1.5 percent of the first $3,150 of monthly gross salary (exclusive of overtime but including longevity, professional growth and anniversary increments), but shall not exceed a maximum of $472.50 annually. Local chapters may assess additional local dues as authorized within their local constitutions.

Go to: www.csea.com/join

Complete your application or call (866) 487-2732