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Summer is here but CSEA is busier than ever

Here we are, wrapping up a school year that has been unlike any we have ever experienced and like nothing we could ever have imagined. But we’re still standing strong and more unified than ever, having shown our communities and our state just how essential we are to the safe and effective operation of our schools. As we say goodbye for the summer to our students, some of us may also be saying farewell to beloved colleagues who are retiring. For those who are or have retired, however, I want you to know there’s no reason to say goodbye to our union as you put your careers in the rearview mirror. The benefits of joining CSEA’s Retiree Unit far outweigh the perks of free education for your children and grandchildren, legal and financial guidance, and all the discounts for purchases and tickets. For just $36 per year, you get the priceless benefit of remaining or becoming part of the CSEA community, where you will find a built-in support group to help you ease into retirement and keep you informed, engaged and active. In this issue of Focus, you can read all about how CSEA retirees are critical to the operation and success of our union by sharing their time, their skills and, most of all, their deep knowledge of school and union operations. We rely on their experience and wisdom more than anyone can know. I will be retiring soon and I know the first thing I’ll do is join the Retiree Unit, but there’s a lot to get done before I put up my mop! You may have already seen the exciting news about Governor Newsom’s proposed revisions to the state budget that include historic levels of funding for public education. Among the highlights are Universal Transitional Kindergarten for every California four-year-old, reduced staff-to-student ratios, universal meals for all students and the overdue cost of living adjustment for staff.

"I will be retiring soon and I know the first thing I’ll do is join the Retiree Unit, but there’s a lot to get done before I put up my mop!"

Your Governmental Relations team has been working long hours to make sure what you need to best serve your students will make it into the final budget and you can rest assured your Field team will be working long hours to ensure those funds are reflected in new agreements with your schools. The level of support for public education that the Governor has proposed is more than has ever been seen in state history and shows a true commitment to ensuring every California student has the opportunity to receive the best education possible. We are truly grateful. This issue’s From the Capitol article includes details on all the school funding proposals, so please check it out. The state budget isn’t our only focus, though. We’re busy getting our offices ready to welcome back staff to in-person work and we’re preparing another fantastic virtual Annual Conference for July. It’s going to be even bigger and better than last year, so be sure to register today! I can tell you it will be a ton of fun and I hope to see you all there. Until then, please enjoy your summer and please stay safe for yourself and for others. Thank you for all you do.

Ben Valdepeña, Association President

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Retiree Unit 30th Anniversary

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